I wanted to build on previous posts, and my last blog post because I understand where and why it may have been rather daunting for you all. I know the idea of setting goals is really difficult, in fact, it can be down right terrifying! So after my last post I wanted to acknowledge, accept and und...

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I love the fact that we can truly start our with our new goals at any time of the year and it does not have to be for the start of the new year, although that is the boost some people seem to want or need in their life. I am trying to push myself this coming year in my own life and in my life wit...

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2017 Trainer of the Year at Piedmont Classic Hunter Series!

As far as my team, Laura and Micah came out Champion in Walk Trot Canter, followed by Laura and Merlin were Champion in Novice Pleasure. Sarah and Ricky came out Champion in both Pleasure Division and Young Entry / Crossrails. Matthew c...

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3 years ago
Cristin has been impressing me throughout her journey as a trainer, she really helps and encourages not only those on her own "team" of riders, but others as well. Her is commentary from the mother of two of her lesson clients of over four years, specifically having to do with one of her specialties Obstacle Confidence with both horse and rider: "Cristin has done such a great job with both Laura and Sarah and their horses working through obstacles at her clinics. Not only did it pay off (with cash prize) but more importantly it has strengthened the bond they have developed with their horses by working together through the challenges different obstacles give them. I highly recommend doing these type of exercises with your horses."
- Mary O
3 years ago
The following are some letters of recommendation: For a beginner who wants to learn how to ride or a performance rider who wants to polish a particular skill, I cannot recommend Cristin any more wholeheartedly. I've been working with Cristin Kyle for a couple of years now and I have the feeling I will be working with her for many more years to come. I come to horses by way of my wife. She grew up riding daily and went to shows more weekends than not. I won't tell you how many awards she's won, ask her and she will begrudgingly tell you but suffice to say there is nowhere near enough room to display even the best of the top shelf awards. I on the other hand began riding under Cristin's watch. She has taken me from an overconfident assuming rider to a competent rider with a far greater understanding of my horse and what I am doing in the saddle, on the ground and in the barn. Cristin's strong work ethic and deep understanding of the physiology and psychology of the horse is camoufl...
- Cristin K

Inspiring Trust and Confidence...

Cristin Kyle is a Ken McNabb Master Certified Trainer!

Cristin Kyle is a natural horsemanship trainer who believes in building trust, respect, and confidence in both horses and riders. Teaching how to build a better relationship is the foundation of her training methods. From the ground up through the saddle, she strongly believes this is the basis of safety with horses.

Working with horses and people from any discipline, she believes that your saddle choice should not change the core of your training nor should it affect your relationship with your horse. This is how she came to name her business Stable Relationships.

Cristin believes in continuous learning, from professionals, students, and horses. Each horse has something to contribute, as they are our best teachers. She understands and respects that both you and your horse are individuals and should be treated as such. In her opinion there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ method for every individual or horses or ‘30 day miracles’.

Cristin helps riders learn to better read their horses on the ground, from head to tail – there is a lot to be said in their expressions alone. This transfers to saddle work as well, and helps build a more responsive horse. As well as creating more confidence as a rider, or horse and rider team. She also teaches riders to feel their subtle movements as often as possible to create a better release point, horses learn from the release of pressure and riders should learn to give to a horse as quickly as possible.

Breaking down the more complicated tasks for you and your horse to bring it back to a place where you both can be successful, are the building blocks for success. Cristin wants you to leave feeling better about yourself, your horse, and both of your abilities combined, whether it is through her training, a clinic or a riding lesson on one of her horses.

Cristin is based in a beautiful horse region, Reidsville, North Carolina at Flintrock Farm, with easy access to the Triad and surrounding areas. She is very willing to travel further if that means helping you!

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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